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Every intellectual asset has its value and can be protected. This is why Tavares Intellectual Property has been helping authors, inventors and companies assure their rights over their assets for more than 40 years, both in Brazil and overseas.

As intellectual property experts, our core business is to transform creations developed by human minds on private property, in order to ensure their owners marketing and commercial opportunities, while preserving their rights. Our main goal is to comprehend each business and its singularities, in order to offer customized assistance to define the best protection for each asset, considering the client’s chosen marketing strategy and its financial capability.

We also serve as local agents for intellectual property offices around the world that need representatives in Brazil. We have acted as such for decades, building strong partnerships that reach overseas.

The principles, procedures and expectations under which we provide services to our customers are transparent. Our goal is to ensure quality legal work and achieve favorable results. Our team is able to advise and assist our customers in achieving these goals. We sincerely look forward to working with your firm and enjoying a consistent, long-term relationship.

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Our Team

Márcio Ney Tavares

Chairman | Attorney At Law

Leilda Ribeiro da Silva

Partner | Attorney At Law

Marcos Alexandre Damazio


Leonardo Pessanha

PARTNER | Attorney At Law

Fábio Graça Sant'Ana

PARTNER | Attorney At Law

Bernardo Charruff

Partner | Attorney At Law

Karine Mendes

Head of Life Sciences

Luciane Catalani

Patent Senior Consultant

Alexandre Maia

Patent Senior Consultant

Jorge Luiz Salles Teixeira

Patent Assistant

Jessica Rozario

Trademark Assistant

Yago Prudente

Patent Analyst

André Desterro

Accounting Analyst

Alexandre Carneiro

Patent Analyst

Mariana Leite

Media Communication Trainee

Bruno Maini


Natascha Scagliusi

Industrial Design Senior Consultant

Sergio Nery

Partner | Attorney At Law


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    Grupo 1313 - Centro
    Rio de Janeiro - RJ - BRAZIL
    CEP 20011-901
  • Email:
  • Phone: +55 21 2216.6350