The patent translation requires an in-depth knowledge of the language and the technical field of the patent. Tavares is one of the few IP firms in the world with an in-house team of linguists dedicated to patent translation, resulting in extremely high quality and significant cost savings.

We offer an in-house translation service with experience in patent translations. Our translators, proofreaders, linguists, lawyers, and engineers are specialized in specific areas.

Our linguists are experienced and tested, they are fluent speakers of the languages they work and are chosen for their expertise in the relevant technical field. Our project managers are intellectual property specialists; they understand the documents they are working on technically and linguistically.

Quality is essential in this field, therefore we ensure that all translations are carried out by natives of the target language and that a strict checking process is undertaken. Patent claims are subject to a triple-checking process.

Our translation team is also unique in having in-house access to patent attorneys and other intellectual property specialists to ensure that all translations use the most contextually appropriate technical terminology.

Tavares uses the latest translation technologies and workflow management systems to help our clients optimize every step of the translation process.


Recently entered into force in October 2019, Brazil’s adhesion to the Madrid Protocol. But, there are still several issues that are being discussed and should be adjusted, such as the multiclass system, the co-ownership regime and the division of trademark registrations and applications.

Tavares advises their clients to appoint a local representative to monitor the International Trademark application extended to Brazil.

Our team can monitor the process in BPTO, helping with all formalities from start to finish. Our clients are assured that the cases management will be handled by our lawyers.

We are aware that BPTO requires foreign applicants to appoint a domestic representative in Brazil. But this step should be taken in case of rejection decisions or opposition.

As the accession is recent, is important that a domestic representative should be appointed as soon as the international trademark is published in the WIPO Gazette.

Although the Madrid Protocol also intends to reduce costs, it is necessary to consider, in addition to the WIPO fees, the fees charged by each designated country. If there is any obstacle during the prosecution of the international application in Brazil (such as opposition or rejection decisions), in this case, it will be necessary for the appointment of a local representative.


We act in the protection of intellectual property by covering different aspects of how to manage Intellectual Property rights in Latin American and Caribbean countries through an extensive network of partner IP firms.

Our services in Latin American and Caribbean countries consist of the simplicity of service and transparent costs. We offer flat-fee in quotes and instruct in multiple countries of Latin America & the Caribbean. Our clients are assured of absolute quality at all times. Tavares can ensure that stringent management controls are always in place.

We offer a full-service for our clients’ intellectual property formality needs, including all filing requirements, monitoring, and ancillary services like translation, searching and renewals.

The buying power that comes from the large volume of global intellectual property we manage means we can provide heavily discounted rates in the Latin American and Caribbean countries.


We provide payment service for intellectual property rights maintenance, like the payment of the official fees that are required by the BPTO to maintain a granted patent in force or to renew a trademark registration.

Our service is reliable, punctual, and worldwide. Our expert team will handle the payment of your annuity fees for patents and utility models or for the renewal of trademarks worldwide, securely, reliably and cost-effectively.

Our fees are fixed and clear, no hidden costs – all the official fees are included in our all-inclusive prices.

We do not just assume responsibility for your payments, we also increase their efficiency by using automated processes, from data transfer to the receipt of your payment confirmation.


The recordals range of services include, but are not limited to, assignments, licenses, mergers, security interests, changes of name, changes of address and other changes related to corporate restructuring in countries worldwide.

If you or your clients own intellectual property, patents, industrial designs, utility models or trademarks registers should always reflect the most current and up to date information. Otherwise, it may not be possible to enforce your rights against others.

We will prepare the required Brazil specific documentation, handle the legalization process, if necessary, and submit the necessary documents for recordal before the BPTO and provide prompt updates once the action has been completed.

This will always be done in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.


The patent applications are filed to BPTO accompanied by drawings that clearly demonstrate the purpose and function of the invention to which they relate to the understanding of the invention.

We have expertise in drawing regulations, preparing drawings to the correct standard and specification.

Our highly skilled technical drawing professionals help to create high-quality, technically-correct drawings that speed up the process.

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