“Uruburguer”, a sandwich delivery store in honor of Flamengo, received a warning letter from the club on November 8th. The team claims to be harmed by the use of names like Flamengo, Mengão, and Urubu without proper authorization.

According to journalist Mauro Cezar, the club demands compensation from a couple of fans who created the hamburger shop. Uruburger went viral on social media in recent months by the creative names of the snacks, all referring to the team.

“Our store was closed and we still have to pay compensation. How? If we’re not even able to work?”, the owner, Allex Martins, wrote on social networks.

“In the same way, in addition to using these brands, the company has been adopting a strategy of showing advertisements allusive to the Club, images of its athletes and official games, excerpts from hymns and fans’ chants, references to the years of the conquest of titles and historical events, news related to the Club, and other elements, all in an unauthorized manner, and with the clear intention of taking advantage of the enormous fame of the Notifier, aiming at attracting customers and consumers to its commercial enterprise”, says an excerpt of the notification.

According to ESPN, the store was baned from the main delivery app about a week ago, and the couple lost their source of livelihood. Allex and Roberta decided to open the hamburger in the face of the economic crisis caused by the pandemic.

“The dream turned into a nightmare,” said Allex on Instagram.

The store received around 70 weekly orders, and the numbers doubled on Flamengo match days.

Source: Extra