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BPTO ranked Brazil’s 50 most significant applicants for industrial property rights in 2023 and 2022.

Petrobras maintained its leadership in invention patents with 125 filings, 15 more than in 2022. In second place, the Federal University of Campina Grande made 101 applications, 60 more than in the previous year, when it occupied fourth place.

FCA Fiat Chrysler went from eighth place in 2022 to third last year, increasing from 31 applications to 58. The Federal University of Minas Gerais (48 filings) occupied the fourth position, which had been in second place in 2022 (54 ). The Hercílio Randon Institute appears in fifth, with 43 patent filings.

As with invention patent filings, educational institutions stand out among the 50 largest filers of computer programs in 2023, occupying 35 positions. The CPQD Foundation requests leadership (93 requests), followed by Autbank Projects and Consulting (88), Linx Systems and Consulting (55), Federal University from Sergipe (52) and Pedro Izecksohn (46).

The utility models with the highest highlights were Westrock, Pulp, Paper, and Packaging (with 17 filings), Fibracem Teleinformatics (12), Flávio Aparecido Peres (12), Edson Della Giustina (11), and Nely Cristina Braidotti (10).

In terms of trademarks, the National Confederation of Retail Managers took first place in 2023 (536 registration requests), followed by Top Defense (395), Localiza Rent a Car (230), Baptist Church from Lagoinha (186), and Baptist Convention Lagoinha (173).

In 2023, Jaderson de Almeida, with 139 registration requests, and Grendene (129) held the top two positions in industrial design. Tramontina, Franccino Móveis, and Savia Fotografia Intelectual Ltda were in third, fourth, and fifth place, respectively.

Ranking of non-resident applicants

The BPTO also released the ranking of non-resident applicants in 2023 and 2022. The companies that filed the most applications for invention patents last year at the BPTO were Qualcomm, with 1,134 filings, Huawei (460), Basf (257), Cilag ( 222), and Ericsson (208). Qualcomm and Huawei maintained their 2022 positions, while Basf rose from fourth to third place and Ericsson from sixth to fifth place.

Source: Brazilian Institute of Industrial Property