Infringing any intellectual creation that is protected by law is a punishable act through both criminal and/or civil measures. In this case, there are two situations that can cause inconvenience to entrepreneurs: to violate the Intellectual Property of a third party or to have its Intellectual Property infringed by others. In both cases, an act of infringement occurs and, therefore, it is an offence that can be remedied by the appropriate judicial measures.

The so-called piracy takes on the most varied forms and covers from the imitation of the visual appearance of products, labels or even commercial establishments (the so-called trade dress), the use of industrial secrets of others and the misuse of advertising signs.

Our lawyers have years of experience in the fight against piracy with preventive and efficient measures to stop the various violations of our client’s rights by acting before the Courts, with the Brazilian IRS, Specialized Police Departments and Customs Departments.

Our work in this field includes:

  • Submission of judicial and out-of-court notifications;
  • Lawsuits to demand the punishment of the offender, and demand the payment of reparations;
  • Lawsuits for the search and seizure of counterfeit items;
  • Consulting on matters of the counterfeiting nature.

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