The patent is a legal title that documents and legitimizes an immaterial right of ownership to those who invent products and processes or make improvements to them. A patent-protected invention guarantees to its owner exclusive rights of exploitation and use, making him able to prevent third parties from reproducing and/or marketing his invention without his permission or consent.

Tavares advises national and international companies, universities, research institutes, startups, inventors and researchers, developing all services related to the protection and commercialization of patents and utility models. In each patent application we take into account the business interests of the client, and we respect the regulatory rules of the BPTO.

We have a multidisciplinary team of engineers specialized in chemistry, electrical, electronics, mechanics, telecommunications, as well as biologists, pharmacists and lawyers who provide broad and solid support to our clients.

Our work in this field includes:

  • Search for prior art and evaluation of an invention patentability;
  • Elaboration and filing of applications for patents of inventions, utility models and addition certificates, in all areas of technologies, in Brazil and abroad;
  • Monitoring of the administrative procedures of patent applications and utility models;
  • Patentability and infringement consultancy;
  • Elaboration and filing of subsidies to the examination against applications filed by third parties and the filing of administrative nullity requirements against third party patents;
  • Annuities monitoring and payment;
  • Elaboration of the freedom to operate report (FTO) for risk analysis and assistance to introduce new products on the Brazilian market;
  • Drafting of opinions on infringement of patent law;
  • Monitoring of patent applications filed by third parties;
  • Patent portfolio assessment.

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