Tavares guides customers in litigation and dispute settlement, with emphasis on Intellectual Property, in the protection of the rights and interests of costumers in unfair competition issues; protection of trade secrets and “trade dress”.

Tavares’ multidisciplinary team is highly technical and experienced in complex issues in defending the interests of its clients. We represent national and foreign clients in legal proceedings in all instances, both before the State and Federal Justice systems. We seek solutions that resolve disputes and litigation in the most efficient way in terms of experience, time and costs.

Our work in this field includes:

  • Consulting and analysis of legal feasibility of litigation cases;
  • Elaboration of opinions for the use in court proceedings;
  • Advice in the pre-litigation stage, offering alternatives to prevent administrative and judicial actions;
  • Identification and analysis of information for the support to litigation;
  • Submission of judicial and out-of-court notifications (warning letters), legal proceedings (to require ceasing of certain acts and/or require payment of reparations, as well as modifying BPTO decisions that imply violation of rights), search and seizure of counterfeit items, among many other appropriate measures.

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