The trademark is the most important Intellectual Property asset of a company. The trademark is part of the company’s visual identity, and defines the company, its products and services.

We operate comprehensively, protecting small local trademarks to leading and internationally recognized trademarks. Our team, composed of specialized professionals, has extensive experience in the market and is structured to offer Brazilian and foreign clients complete protection for their trademarks in Brazil and abroad.

Our work in this field includes:

  • Trademark searches in Brazil and abroad;
  • Procedures for registration of trademarks in Brazil and abroad;
  • Monitoring of third party trademarks;
  • Elaboration of warning letters;
  • Elaboration of administrative petitions such as oppositions, appeals, replies, nullity and forfeiture requests;
  • Renewal of trademark registrations;
  • Filing of recordals of assignments, changes of name or address;
  • Trademark license applications;
  • Elaboration of opinions;
  • Trademark portfolio assessment.

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