New technologies, as well as the whole advice process in the field of Digital Law that involves data protection and clients’ privacy, are handled by our specialized professionals, able to provide the best service in each case, concerned with data protection.

Our firm is at the forefront in advising costumers who wish to adapt to the new Brazilian legislation, the General Law on Personal Data Protection (LGPD), which enter into force in August 2020, which will apply to individuals and legal entities, public and private.

The General Law on Personal Data Protection (LGPD) regulates how organizations can use personal data in Brazil by establishing detailed rules for the collection, use, processing and storage of personal data.

LGPD has come to impose an important transformation in the Brazilian data protection system. Aligned with European Legislation (GDPR), LGPD affects all economy sectors, including relationships between clients and suppliers, employees and employers and other relationships in which personal data are collected and processed, both in the digital environment and outside it.

Our work in this field includes:

  • Elaboration and review of corporate policies, such as Information Security Policy, Terms of Use, Privacy Policies and NDAs;
  • Legal advice to adapt Information Security Policies to national and international Data Protection Regulations, such as European legislation (GDPR) and Brazilian legislation (LGPD);
  • Aid for the adaptation of companies to the requirements of the General Personal Data Protection Act (LGPD);
  • Legal advice to contain and repair damages arising from leaks, data theft, violation of confidentiality, secrecy or privacy;
  • Analysis of conflicts of Intellectual Property rights on the Internet, including notifications for the removal of irregular content;
  • Representation against insider trading.

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