It is considered an Industrial Design every ornamental plastic form of an object or ornamental arrangement of lines and colors that can be applied to a product, providing a new, unique and original visual result in its external configuration and that may serve as a type for industrial manufacture.

The registration with the BPTO protects the visual characteristics of a product, such as its shapes, standard configuration, ornamentation and variants. It is worth noting that two-dimensional designs, such as those appearing in wallpapers and fabrics, can also be registered.

We have Design specialists who guarantee the protection of your industrial designs even in the process of your products creation.

Our work in this field includes:

  • Elaboration, filing and monitoring of registration applications in Brazil and abroad;
  • Strategic advice in the industrial design register;
  • Prior art searches in Brazil and abroad;
  • Infringement analysis;
  • Elaboration of opinions on freedom from exploitation and infringement of third parties rights;
  • Monitoring of application and third party registers;
  • Elaboration and filing of administrative annulment requests against third parties registers.

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