Currently, domain names of websites are an important part of a company’s marketing strategy, achieving in some cases relevance similar to the trademark.

Aware that the domain name is part of the management of the company’s image, we make the protection of domains in a comprehensive way, always reconciling it with the trademark, according to the rules of the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee.

In our successful history, we have already obtained new domain names, including in situations where there is a high demand. To do this, we have developed a customized strategy for each case. In addition to registration, our team maintains close monitoring of the availability of top-level domain names, identifying and informing our costumers the options that can best leverage their business. We also act in mediation processes, whether in Brazil or abroad, in addition to seeking the solution to judicial disputes, including recovery cases.

Our work in this field includes:

  • Availability searches and registration procedures and protection of domain names in Brazil and abroad;
  • Monitoring and management of portfolio domain names;
  • Audit and analysis of portfolio domain names;
  • Management of domain names global portfolio.
  • Verification of conflict and feasibility of domain names, consulting related to the protection of domain names in Brazil and abroad, including registration, annuity fees payment, transfers and registries cancellations.
  • Research and maintenance of domain names in Brazil and abroad;
  • Advice in cases involving trademark disputes and domain names;
  • Representation of costumers in administrative processes of conflict resolution.

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