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New Legal Framework for the Electronic Games Industry in Brazil

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On May 3, 2024, Law No. 14,852 was sanctioned, establishing a new legal framework for the electronic games industry in Brazil. The legislation modifies the Intellectual Property Law (LPI) and regulates electronic games’ manufacture, import, commercialization, development, and commercial use. It is important to highlight that this regulation does not include betting, poker, and other games involving cash prizes.

Main Highlights of the New Law

  • Tax Incentives: The electronic games industry will receive tax incentives similar to those provided in the Rouanet and Audiovisual Law.
  • Customs Regulation: The government will regulate customs clearance and import fees for electronic games, promoting innovation in the sector.
  • Support for Developers: Individual entrepreneurs and individual microentrepreneurs (MEIs) who develop electronic games will receive special treatment, which will be detailed in future regulations.

Protection for Children and Adolescents

The new legislation also establishes measures to protect children and teenagers who use electronic games:

  • Design and Operation: The conception, design, management, and operation of games aimed at children and adolescents must meet the interests of this age group.
  • Safeguards in Interactive Games: Interactive games must include systems for receiving complaints and reports.
  • Safe Environment: Electronic game providers must ensure that their services do not promote negligence, discrimination, exploitation, violence, cruelty, or oppression against children and adolescents.

The State will be responsible for carrying out the indicative age classification of games, considering the risks associated with digital purchases, to avoid excessive consumption by children.

Source: ABPI

INTA 2024
Tavares IP

INTA 2024: Tavares IP’s Presence

This week, from May 18th to 22nd, Tavares IP was privileged to participate in the INTA 2024 Annual Meeting, a cornerstone event within the intellectual property industry.

The conference, renowned as one of our field’s largest and most prestigious gatherings, proved to be an enriching experience for our team. Amidst a dynamic atmosphere, thousands of professionals, experts, and leaders convened to explore the latest trends, challenges, and innovations shaping the world of intellectual property.

Attendees engaged in insightful panel discussions, networking sessions, and cutting-edge presentations throughout the event. These interactions fostered valuable connections and provided invaluable insights that will undoubtedly inform our approach to serving our clients with excellence.

We sincerely thank INTA for orchestrating this event and everyone who took the time to connect with us during the conference. Your engagement and contributions further solidify our commitment to advancing intellectual property rights and delivering the highest quality service to our clients.

As we reflect on the fruitful exchanges and learnings from INTA 2024, we are inspired to continue driving innovation and excellence within the intellectual property community. With unwavering dedication, we look forward to shaping the future of IP and furthering our mission to support our clients’ success.