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Tavares IP delivers accurate and reliable patent translations for the world’s largest companies and law firms.

Our team provides accurate and cost-effective patent translations. Unlike competitors who rely on freelancers, our in-house linguists ensure consistent quality across your global IP portfolio.

Our subject matter experts collaborate closely with patent agents to precisely translate complex technical documents. We understand the high stakes of patent filings, so we implement a rigorous quality control process and leverage native-speaker translators.

The client’s patent interests and commercial goals in Brazil depend on accurate translation into Portuguese. With Tavares IP, you get the right words delivered on time and within your budget. Our experience with Fortune 500 companies and top patent firms demonstrates our commitment to excellence.


  • Patent Translations: We provide accurate patent application translations for the world’s largest companies and law firms.
  • Regulatory Translations: We provide translation services to ensure regulatory documents comply with all ANVISA, INMETRO, and MAPA regulatory requirements.
  • Legal Translations: We provide legal translation services for contracts, agreements, and compliance documents, always on time and within budget.

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