Recognizing a huge work backlog in the examination of Patent Applications (and expecting an increase of Patent Applications this year), the Brazilian Trademark and Patent Office (BPTO) issued on June 7th, 2017 the Official Resolution No. 193, to help solving the work backlog issue.
This procedure aims to expedite the examination of applications by increasing the examiners’ productivity.
This Resolution is directly related to PCT, and it defines that after June 13th, 2017 (i.e., last Tuesday) the search report for the applications coming from offices that work as International Searching and International Preliminary Examining Authorities under the PCT (ISA and IPEA) will be elaborated through the incorporation of the search performed by the respective office (directly related to the claimed priority.
Also, the documents that are the result of search from other offices (ISR) may be, from now on, directly incorporated to the search report.
Exceptions to this new development are the Patent Applications that already had the technical examination initiated by the BPTO, or the ones that had a priority for examination conceded by the BPTO or, yet, the ones that were targeted by third-party subsidies.
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