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The security of confidential information, which represents some of the most valuable assets of a business, is a universal concern for companies of all sizes and sectors.

Our extensive experience in the area allows us to customize solutions that meet your business’s specific needs. In situations of confidentiality breach, our team has the expertise to implement extrajudicial and judicial actions to contain and repair damages.

We develop customized compliance programs for organizations from various economic sectors. Our goal is to strengthen the company’s culture of integrity and compliance. Our approach aims to assess the organization’s compliance maturity and conduct a detailed risk analysis.


  • Confidentiality: Negotiation and drafting of contracts involving sensitive data and confidentiality clauses of any type of contract.
  • Security: Protection of business secrets through judicial or extrajudicial remedies.
  • Preventive Measures: Review of information access procedures, creation of Information Security Policies, and guidance on additional necessary preventive measures.
  • Training: Training adapted to new policies, as well as support in code of ethics, corporate investigations, and specific audits.

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