The BPTO granted on April 24, the registration of Geographical Indication (GI), for the product “Cheese” of the Witmarsum Colony. The region corresponds to the delimitation of the former Cancela Farm, in the district of Palmeira, Parana. Currently, the 20 tons of cheese produced per month supply markets throughout Parana and in several Brazilian states. GI was granted on behalf of the Cooperativa Mista Agropecuaria Witmarsum Ltd.
In the BPTO’s official Gazzete No. 2468, another GI was also granted for the product “Cocoa almonds” from the South of Bahia. The protected geographical area includes more than 80 cities in the region.
The importance of the cocoa economic activity in the south of Bahia is historical, having been initiated in the middle of the XVIII century. In recent years, new generations of farmers have introduced innovations in farming methods and agricultural management, such as “fine cocoa” initiatives. The GI was requested by the Cocoa Producers Association of Southern Bahia.
Understanding Geographical Indication
The GI registry allows the delimitation of a geographical area, restricting the use of its name to the producers and service providers of the region (generally, organized in representative entities).
The GI denominated “Denomination of Origin” recognizes the name of a country, city or region whose product or service has certain specific characteristics thanks to its geographical environment, including natural and human factors.
The “Indication of Origin” species refers to the name of a country, city or region known as a center for the extraction, production or manufacture of a particular product or the provision of a particular service.
*Translated and adapted from the BPTO’s official webpage. The original publication (in Portuguese) can be found here.