Representatives of the BPTO and the Danish Patent and Trademark Office (DKPTO) signed a cooperation agreement on Thursday (12) to establish a Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot project.

Through PPH, Brazilians will be able to use the result of the examination of the patent application by the BPTO to accelerate the analysis in Denmark and vice versa. In this pilot phase, up to 100 patent applications per year in each country will be accepted by the PPH. The agreement will be valid for two years, covering the enrollment of 200 applications in the program in each office.

In the PPH pilot, the BPTO will only accept applications for patents related to mechanical engineering, lighting, heating, weapons and explosion, excluding any applications in the pharmaceutical segment. The DKPTO will accept patent applications from any technological field.

In addition, the BPTO will limit the participation of one applicant for application per month, except in the last month of the project.

Brazil is the first South American country with which the DKPTO signs this kind of cooperation agreement.

*Translated and adapted from the BPTO’s webpage. The original publication (In Portuguese) can be found here