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Samsung has new patents for six types of “mini-notch”

Facing several patent lawsuits, Samsung is preparing for 2019 with six different registrations for notch models on smartphone screens. The patents were granted on 10 December 2018 and show various Samsung Galaxy smartphones with notch. In some cases, the notch is partly integrated in the upper bezel.

The new formats provide circular or semi-circular cutouts at the top of the displays to include a front camera. These new notch formats differ from the screens already presented by Samsung, known as Infinity (O, U and V) precisely by the cut formats. Two models show the front camera being placed directly under the bezel. In two other designs the notch is partly integrated in the bezel. This way an even larger screen surface can be realized.

It is possible that these cutouts are for “non-Infinity” screens that do not have such thin edges on the sides. We can, therefore, expect the Korean to use these new options on incoming smartphones, such as some of the new Galaxy M family phones – ranging from premium intermediaries to entry phones.

Even with these patents, it is not possible to say when or how Samsung might implement these new notch or notch formats. It may even be that the company never takes these ideas off the paper, which is the case with most patents registered by large global companies.


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