BPTO publishes regulation for the use of geographical indications

The BPTO made available in its official page the regulations for the use of geographical indications by region from Brazil and abroad. The initiative is part of the BPTO’s Action Plan for 2018, which provides for the implementation of measures that promote the Institute’s operational efficiency.

Access can be made directly through the Basic Geographical Indication (GI) Guide, in step “2. Prepare the documentation.” In this new space, the user may have access to the regulation corresponding to their GI registration, either in the indication of origin or in the designation of origin.

Currently, there are 66 regulations for the use of geographical indications registered in the BPTO, national and foreign. New records of geographical indications will be soon announced by the institute. The complete regulation can be found here (In Portuguese).

*Translated and adapted from the BPTO’s official webpage. For the original publication (in Portuguese) click here

BPTO publishes new PPH phase with the USPTO

The Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH) pilot project with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will enter in its second phase, beginning from May 10, 2018, to April 30, 2020. The measure was published in the BPTO’s official Bulletin nº 2470, last Tuesday (May 8th).

The area of information technology was included in the project, besides technologies already contemplated (oil, gas, and petrochemical).

The current phase will also allow 50 patent applications to be included in the priority list of PPH from the preliminary opinion obtained by the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT).

During the period of its validity, a total of 200 applications will be accepted in each country. The applicant may require one PPH application per month, except during the last 30 days of the program.

By PPH, Brazilians can use the result of the examination of the patent application in the BPTO to accelerate the analysis in the United States and vice versa. Upon entering the program, the BPTO has issued a final decision in 180 days, on average.

*Translated and adapted from the BPTO’s official webpage. The original publication (in Portuguese) can be found here