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Broadcom takes Volkswagen to court in $1bi patent claim

According to the German Magazine “Der Spiegel”, the U.S. semiconductor supplier Broadcom has made a patent claim for more than $1 billion against Volkswagen and is threatening to seek a judicial ban on the production of several car models, such as Golf, Passat, Touran, Tiguan and various models of Porsche and Audi.

The patent suit has been filed by the US company in Munich and Mannheim and it concerns the use of a total of 18 of his patents in navigation and entertainment systems, which the VW Group uses in several car models, according to the claim.

Broadcom has also began a legal action in the US against the Japanese Toyota and Panasonic, among other companies, for alleged patent infringement . Affected companies are under great pressure to agree with the supplier before courts decide. These could provisionally prohibit the use of the corresponding semiconductors and thus bring production to a standstill.

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