Our history began in 1974, when Márcio Ney Tavares, a lawyer and industrial property agent, founded the firm Tavares & Cia, which later became Tavares Intellectual Property.

In recent years the firm has changed its name to Tavares Advogados, also acting in other areas of law. At the end of 2016, still under the presidency of Márcio Ney Tavares, the creation of a Board of Directors provided the beginning of a profound process of change, which involved the creation of new departments, the provision of new services and the hiring of new professionals. Currently, Tavares has a strong presence in Brazil and in several Latin American countries, and has a wide international network of partners in all five continents.

The Board of Directors defined the release of a new logo for the Tavares brand, which reflects the image of the firm as a legal services provider and strategic consulting in the management of Intellectual Property.

Tavares is headquartered in a large office located in downtown Rio de Janeiro, a few meters away from the State and Federal Courts, allowing us a quick and efficient access through which legal cases are handled.

Our staff consists of a team of highly qualified professionals and knowledge leaders in Intellectual Property, litigation, contracts and other areas of law. This allows us to assist our clients on the main legal demands, making us a strategic partner in the search for innovation and knowledge.


By contracting our services, the customer will be assured of being dealt with professionals who are experts in the field of work and committed to obtaining the best possible result.

We provide an exclusive integration of corporate and business law for the protection of Intellectual Property.

With a high degree of expertise, technical knowledge and focus on customer relationship as goals, Tavares has become accustomed to dealing with complex cases, which require a lot of time, research, dedication and a close relationship with each client, in order to create strategies that reach their goals.

We have professionals with dual degrees among engineers, chemists, lawyers, pharmacists, biologists, administrators, and others. We are a multidisciplinary and qualified team, having many professionals with post-graduate, master and doctoral degrees, that provide us with the technical ability to find the most cost-effective solutions for our clients’ conflicts. This is a powerful competitive edge over our major competitors whose operations are heaviest and more expensive.

Today we have clients of the most varied segmentation, among them, multinational companies from all industry segments, such as Automobiles, Energy, Chemistry, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology. We serve in a unique and personalized manner; we create innovative solutions for our clients. That is our greatest goal.


Tavares is a company in the legal area of corporate service with headquarters in Brazil. Our team of experienced professionals serves individuals, researchers, inventors, universities, startups, and Brazilian and international corporations to find the best legal and commercial solutions.

We provide high quality legal consulting that takes into account the position of our clients in Brazil and abroad. Our company has been shaped to provide customized management for our clients’ Intellectual Property portfolio.

Tavares offers its clients comprehensive management of their Intellectual Property portfolio. Our clients are able to keep informed and involved in all aspects of their cases.


Tavares offers an innovative alternative to traditional Intellectual Property Law. To provide an improved perception related to the quality, safety and effectiveness of our services, Tavares adopts a Compliance Program with an SLA. In addition, we have an internal code of conduct as well as professional liability insurance, which help us to achieve the best and safest result for our clients.

Tavares offers a flexible and personalized service according to the needs of each customer.


For individuals, entrepreneurs, small and medium-sized enterprises, religious institutions, NGOs and early stage start-ups, Tavares created the service named Marcas Express, which is a digital platform through which Tavares provides low-cost trademark registration services and free Intellectual Property consulting.

Currently, the costs of Intellectual Property consultancy services are inaccessible to micro and small entrepreneurs, while the free assistance through national institutions is not yet satisfactory for the small entrepreneur to succeed in Brazil.

Tavares, through the digital Marcas Express platform, aims to assist small entrepreneurs in Brazil to succeed, achieve good results, and increase their employability more and more.

In addition, we advise inventors and start-ups at an early stage of formalization in societal, tax, labor, regulatory and Intellectual Property aspects.


Through our Committee on Social Responsibility, we develop Pro Bono work in cases of public interest.

Tavares is committed to providing free advice to civil society organizations in favor of children in a situation of economic and social vulnerability. Almost two decades ago, we have established our first pro bono partnership with the Instituto Bola para Frente, which provides access to education for young people with low incomes.

In 2016, as part of a profound process of change promoted by the Board of Directors, Tavares intensified its Pro Bono practice, with the formation of a team dedicated exclusively to issues of public interest.

Tavares seeks to support institutions for child protection, strengthen civil society institutions and promoting actions for inclusion, tolerance and diversity.

Tavares also supports actions and events of organizations for child protection that offer relevant work for children in Brazil.


Tavares supports causes that are important, such as the promotion of a diverse and inclusive environment. Through our Committee on Social Responsibility, we have developed actions aimed at diversity and inclusion.
Today, we focus on six themes for diversity and inclusion: Ethnicities, the Elderly, Gender Equality, LGBTQI+, People with Disabilities, and Religious Tolerance.

We also seek to create a more inclusive environment in our firm, with the participation of professionals from the LGBTQI+ population, from various ethnic-racial groups, the elderly and people who have physical, intellectual or sensory limitations. The inclusion and the respect for diversity are reflected in the values of Tavares and demonstrate the importance of these themes for our firm.

Tavares is committed to creating an inclusive work environment. For this purpose, we have people over 80 working flexibly in our firm. They are happy to still be able to produce and share their experiences for the success of Tavares.

Moreover, Tavares also allows the opening of a dialogue space on religions, always encouraging respect and tolerance for different beliefs.

We are still learning to create different paths for different people, offering the same opportunities for professional achievement.


Tavares promotes social responsibility on several fronts. We work to strengthen the social actions of our professionals, contributing to their development. Therefore, we focus our efforts on issues that challenge society.

We seek to provide some kind of support to organizations that provide access to education for low-income children and young people, offering free legal support on Intellectual Property issues. We also direct our hiring in order to balance our professional and social framework with a focus on the rights of women, the elderly, people with disabilities, LGBTI+ and ethnic-racial groups.


Tavares provides free funding for undergraduate, graduate, master’s and doctorate courses at the best universities in the country for all our professionals who wish to improve their professional qualifications.

We also offer at our headquarters a free English course for all our professionals who wish to improve their language skills.

Tavares sees in its professionals the origin and the result of its success. We believe that valuing the professional is the first step in building a welcoming and stimulating working environment. But it is necessary to go further; it is necessary to provide the professional with the tools towards the development and keep up to date, because the growth of a company begins with the growth of its people.


Tavares is one of the most innovative firms in the country, with more than 45 years of history. Our team consists of highly qualified and dedicated professionals.

We are always looking for new talents, professionals with solid ethical conduct that seek challenges and have an interest in working in the area of Intellectual Property, regardless of the specialization area or accumulated experience.

If you want to be part of our team, send your resume to the email tavares@tavaresoffice.com.br.

Also follow our social networks to be informed whenever a new job opportunity is published.