In order to facilitate the transfer of technology and the licensing of industrial property assets, BPTO launched (on 09/15) the IP showcase project, an online system for the publication of advertisements, which will enable commercialization, as of October 1, of patent applications or patents granted. The Institute’s new service was approved by Ordinance No. 331/2020, published in the Intellectual Property Magazine No. 2593.

The proposal is that, later, other IP assets are added to the platform.

Through the IP Showcase project, those interested in new technological solutions will be able to identify those that are available for commercialization, while the developers of these technologies will have the possibility to exhibit their products on a platform specially developed by the Institute.

The negotiation between the parties will not generate civil or administrative responsibility on the part of the BPTO, including with regard to the eventual rejection of patent applications.

News from: BPTO