Marcos Alexandre Damazio Partner

Marcos Alexandre Damazio


Marcos is the Chief Financial and Operating Officer, and acts in the management of all non-technical activity in the firm, assisting the Tavares in the creation and execution of strategic visions, financial plans, and operational policies. Marcos is responsible for all aspects of the firm's financial functions, including accounting, billing, collections, financial reporting, taxes, accounts payable and payroll. 

Marcos also serves as a marketing and business development coordinator for Tavares. In this role, he works to continue to enhance Tavares' business practices and expansion, while helping to develop the administrative operations and management in the firm.

Marcos has over 25 years of corporate experience in leadership positions in the most diverse economic activities, such as commerce, industry, logistics, financial, third sector, services. He is also a former officer of the armed forces.


  • Bachelor degree in Accountancy; 
  • Bachelor of Business Administration degree;
  • Specialization in Marketing.

Skills: Financial management, strategic planning, and business development.

Languages: Portuguese, English, and Spanish.

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