Contracts and Agreements

Contracts and Agreements

Our professionals, who draw on combined skills and knowledge in the fields of intellectual property, business law, marketing, taxation and finance, have solid expertise in drafting and negotiating all types of contracts involving intellectual property, be it license agreements or contracts dealing with technology transfers, research and development, distribution, franchising, software development or outsourcing. We lead you every step of the way, from the negotiation of favorable conditions to the drafting and signing of agreements, all the while placing an emphasis on business solutions and taking your commercial reality into account so as to contribute to the conversion of intellectual capital into financial capital. Just like you, we know that even the best idea, the most powerful software or an invention protected by the most secure patent is of very little value if it does not make it to market.

Our team also assists clients with the due diligence review of intellectual property assets, a crucial step prior to any transaction.

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