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Brazilian PTO publishes its annual report on Intellectual Property

The Brazilian PTO published its annual activity report containing statistical data on the production of the office during the year 2018. It is possible to verify the Institute’s significant productivity gains. For example, the number of patents granted projected for 2018 rose 75% compared to last year. In trademarks, the increase in registrations was 48% and, in industrial design, 53%. The increase in production is also reflected in the fall in backlog: 8% reduction in patents, 47% in trademarks and 75% in industrial design, when comparing this year’s projection with the end of 2017.
In terms of trademarks, the stock of applications pending for examination was reduced from 358,776 at the end of 2017 to 189,122 at the end of 2018. Up to December, 205,896 new applications were received, with a growth of approximately 10.6% in relation to the previous year. The time between filing and the technical examination of trademarks was reduced from 48 months in opposition applications and 24 months in unopposed applications to 13 and 12 months respectively.
Regarding Industrial Designs, the stock of applications pending for examination was reduced from 9,288 at the end of 2017 to 2,353 at the end of 2018. In the period, 13,350 decisions were issued, with growth of approximately 45% over the previous year. 6,201 new orders were received.
In 2018, the Board of Patents, Computer Programs and Topographies of Integrated Circuits (DIRPA) achieved the index of 55 technical decisions per patent examiner in full production. The maintenance of this production was the result of the consolidation of successful initiatives to stimulate productivity, such as remote work, which currently covers 30% of the total number of examiners.
The full report (in Portuguese) can be found here.

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